In a nutshell: Next week, users will be able to try out a new look Google is bringing to Gmail, which integrates Gmail, Google Meet, Google Chat, and Google Spaces into one view. Google plans to roll it out to all users and make it the standard by the end of the second quarter of this year.

Starting February 8, users might start seeing a prompt in Gmail asking them to try the new format Google is bringing to the service. It's supposed to more closely integrate other conversation services like Meet, Chat, and Spaces into the same screen as Gmail.

A Google provided a screenshot showing an interface similar to Gmail's current look, but with the other services listed on the left side of the screen. Google says users will see information from all its workspace services more efficiently. Chat, Spaces, and Meet will also be searchable via Gmail's search bar eventually.

Customers will have to opt-in during this first phase and will be able to revert any time if they wish. Google will update users about the new features in its Workspace Updates Blog as they near implementation.

Starting in April, Google will roll out the new look as the default to all users. However, they'll still be able to revert to the older interface until the end of Q2 2022. At that time, the new look becomes standard, with no option to change it.