In context: Dying Light 2 has only been out since last Friday, but someone already found what is probably the most potent weapon in the game---your finger---specifically, the Left Finger of gloVa. This blueprint allows the player to destroy infected by simply pointing at them.

The Left finger of gloVa is truly overpowered as Dying Light 2 weapons are concerned. You do not have to get close to the zombies, and it is a one-shot-done kill. However, Techland did incorporate a few things to balance out the OP nature of this blueprint.

First of all, it is critically hard to find. The blueprint is well hidden and finding it is on par with locating every zombie statue in the first Dying Light game without help. Even knowing the location is not going to do you much good. As you can see in the guide below, it requires some advanced maneuvering to even get to the room where the prize resides. Plus, Techland stashed it away from plain view. So even stumbling upon the location is no guarantee you'll find it.

Once you get there, you are greeted with an initial mini Easter egg consisting of a hallway decorated with posters of previous Techland games and a note on a table from the developers congratulating you for making it to the very difficult-to-get-to location. The finger gun design is hidden behind a Techland poster in a bedroom.

Once you have the blueprint, its power is nerfed further by making it very expensive to craft. The Left Finger of gloVa---named after one of the gameplay developers Bartosz "Glova" Kulon---costs 369 scrap to give you 16 shots. So, unless you are hoarding, its use is pretty limited.

On a side note, Dying Light 2 is not the Left Finger of gloVa's first appearance in a Techland game. Devs also hid it away in the original Dying Light and Dead Island---both great titles to add to your collection if you don't already have them.

However, judging by the mayhem you can wreak seen at the video's 5:13 mark, the grind is worth it. There is something satisfying about turning infected into mush with nothing more than the same weapon you used as a kid while playing cops and robbers.