What just happened? Microsoft currently allows users to install Windows 11 on PCs that meet the official system requirements of the OS. They'll even guide you on how to bypass certain requirements should your machine fall short in a few areas, but they're not exactly overjoyed to do so. And soon, Microsoft will start reminding you about it.

Windows Latest has found that in new preview builds, Microsoft has added a warning message in the Settings app to let users know their system doesn't meet the minimum specifications.

The publication notes that the current implementation isn't nearly as intrusive as a Windows activation error, but it's always possible that Microsoft could build up to that level over time.

The current alert directs users to a page warning of the risks of running Windows 11 on unsupported devices, noting that issues that crop up as a result of incompatibility won't be covered by a manufacturer warranty.

Microsoft's system requirements for Windows 11 have been a jumbled mess from the start, especially as it relates to the PC Health Check App and TPM. The latest efforts with preview builds do at least seem noble, in that Microsoft could eventually look to weed out shady PC makers loading and selling "Windows 11 PCs" on systems that clearly have no business running the new operating system with unsuspecting consumers being none the wiser.

We'll keep an eye on this and see how it plays out over the coming months.