What just happened? Doom co-creator John Romero has released an all-new map for classic FPS Doom 2 that will help humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. It marks the first level for the game that Romero has released since it launched almost 30 years ago, back in 1994.

Romero tweeted that the new level is priced at five euros ($5.54), 100% of which will be used to support the people of Ukraine through donations to the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

To play the level, called One Humanity, you will need an original copy of Doom 2 and a modern source port. The .WAD contains a readme text file as well as the external mod data, and it can be downloaded up to three times after purchase. Itโ€™s available to buy now from Romeroโ€™s website.

This isnโ€™t Romeroโ€™s first return to map-making. The developer, who left id Software in 1996, published the first Doom level heโ€™d created in over two decades back in 2016: a reimagined version of the original's E1M8 stage called Tech Gone Bad.

Romero also released Sigil in 2019, the unofficial spiritual successor to the fourth episode of Doom. The add-on pack features nine single-player levels and nine deathmatch levels. You can still download it for free hereโ€”thereโ€™s also the option to pay 6.66 euros for a copy bundled with a soundtrack from one-time Guns N' Roses guitarist Buckethead. Romero is currently working on a sequel to Sigil, called, unsurprisingly, Sigil 2.

In related news, EA Sports has just announced that it will be removing Russian and Belarusian teams from NHL 22 and FIFA 22 in response to the invasion of Ukraine.