In context: Sloclap's rogue-like Sifu is a great kung fu game---one of the best I have played since the 2005 Xbox title Jade Empire. Despite the brutal learning curve, the game's fluid and mostly accurate kung fu styles make it almost as fun to watch as it is to play. What could make it better?

How about a little Matrix flair? A modder who goes by Halfmillz on Nexus Mods has created a series of Sifu modifications that give the game a real Matrix look. I say "look" because the game is still Sifu and lacks a Matrix storyline, but the aesthetic is quite well done (video below).

In total, there are four mods that reskin the game into something that fits perfectly into the Wachowskis' sci-fi universe. The first replaces the unnamed protagonist with Shiny Entertainment's Keanu Reeves model from its 2005 game The Matrix: Path of Neo. It includes "realistic Physics Cloth" to simulate the flow of Neo's trenchcoat.

The second mod swaps enemies with an Agent Smith model, also from Path of Neo. There are four versions of this mod. One swaps out all enemies except for bosses. Another replaces bosses with Agent Smith. A third allows the player to play as Smith, and the last changes only male enemies. Users can mix and match these mods except for the male enemies one.

Halfmillz's third mod uses ReShade the gives the game a greenish tint during fight scenes after the enemies transform into Agent Smith. The fourth uses several sound effects from the movies to recreate a more Matrix-like soundscape.

You can use all the mods together for a very impressive overall effect. Halfmillz also recommends using Matrix UI, created by another modder, to round out the experience. All are free to download from Nexus Mods but have some dependencies, so check the requirements before trying them out.