In brief: Since launch, variable refresh rate (VRR) has been one of the most requested features by PS5 owners. The console theoretically has the capabilities to support the technology, but Sony is taking its time to introduce it. That should happen in the following months, however, according to PlayStation.

As you may know, VRR is a technology that allows displays to synchronize their refresh rate to the graphical output dynamically. When enabled, VRR can significantly reduce visual artifacts, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

The technology has been available for some time, but only now has Sony announced it would implement it in its latest console. Still, just because your PS5 will support VRR, it doesn't mean you'll be able to enable it on every game.

First, you'll need an HDMI 2.1-compatible TV or monitor. Then, developers will have to optimize their games for VRR. Any games that are already available will need to be patched to support the tech. As for the titles still in development, creators can prepare them before release, making them available with VRR support at launch.

Even if a title doesn't support VRR, users will still be able to apply the technology, possibly improving image quality. However, allowing VRR in some of these games can result in unexpected visual issues.

PlayStation reminds us that results will vary depending on the display and game. The company also promised to reveal more details about the technology and a list of games that will support it closer to launch.

In the same announcement, the game company also stated that PS5 and PS4 systems received a new update today, introducing the features brought by the February beta software update to all console owners. The update includes refreshed UI elements, Voice Command (preview) for US and UK accounts, mono audio for headphones, and the ability to create or join Open and Closed Parties.

Moreover, you should see new "Pro Tips" cards in the PS5's Control Center, which will remind you how to apply game presets to your console, pin videos and apps to your screen while playing, and share the screen with friends.

PS App and PS Remote Play also received some improvements. Starting with the PS App, users can now set up or join Open and Closed Parties through the app, similar to how they do on the consoles. In addition, the PS App Game Base UI has been refreshed to simplify processes such as accessing Friends, Parties and messaging features.

As for the PS Remote Play mobile app improvements, PlayStation added Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Thai and Chinese (traditional and simplified) as new languages for Screen Reader. Lastly, it introduced a dark mode that will be enabled based on your phone settings.

This announcement comes in as multiple reports claim PlayStation Network is down, while others state their consoles don't recognize an active PlayStation Plus subscription. These reports started soon after PlayStation dropped the new system update. Some users added that restarting the PS5 fixed the issue for them, but plenty tried it with no success. PlayStation is already aware of these problems.