Why it matters: Buying a graphics card in the past year has been a nightmare. Gamers can't seem to catch a break between supply chain issues, crypto mining, and GPU scalping. Nvidia hopes to change that today with a massive resupply and sale of RTX 30 cards.

Although finding a sanely-priced GPU hasn't been an easy task for a long time now, the situation seems to be improving. Pricing has been steadily declining for the past few months --- a trend that will hopefully continue.

Nvidia has just announced their "Restocked and Reloaded" campaign with some great bargains on RTX 30 GPUs. At the time of writing, EVGA seems to have some of the best deals on its online store. There are plenty of graphics cards in stock, some coming close to MSRP.

EVGA is currently selling three RTX 3090 Ti models: the $2,000 FTW3 Black, the $2,150 FTW3, and the $2,200 RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 Ultra. Only one RTX 3090 SKU, the FTW3 Ultra Gaming, is in stock and going for $1,700.

There are also five RTX 3080 Ti models, ranging from $1,280 to $1,530, and five RTX 3080s, with the cheapest one costing $1,000. Of note is that some of these come with water blocks pre-installed.

Now for the more reasonably priced cards. The RTX 3070 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming is currently priced at $760, while an RTX 3050 XC Gaming will set you back $300, just 20% above MSRP.

Unfortunately, there aren't that many cards under the $1,000 mark. While Nvidia wouldn't mind selling more high-margin enthusiast GPUs, most people are interested in buying mid-range cards like the RTX 3060. With a bit of luck, we're going to see more of these sales in the coming months as availability improves further.