In context: Diablo Immortal has been met with tons of criticism since its unveiling in 2018. Initially slated to release only on mobile platforms, this alienated many long-time fans of the series. Blizzard seems to have listened, as the game will see a PC release as well as Android and iOS on June 2.

Blizzard has just announced that Diablo Immortal will launch on June 2 on Android, iOS, and, surprisingly, PC.

Diablo Immortal was announced at BlizzCon 2018, being met with a very negative response from fans. Many players expressed skepticism towards the mobile-only nature of the game, with some likening it to a reskin of other NetEase games. One attendee asked the developers if there was a chance for a PC release, leading to the crowd booing when the answer was negative.

It seems Blizzard has changed its mind, as they announced today during their Q1 2022 earnings report that the game will launch on PC as well, although in open beta at first. It's worth noting that this beta will include all game content and features, and progress will carry over into the finished version. Players can pre-register for the game starting today.

Blizzard confirmed the PC version would be free-to-play. Immortal will also feature cross-play, allowing players on PC and mobile to play together, as well as cross-progression, letting a player switch platforms whenever they wish while keeping their characters and progression.

The game's story will take place five years after the events of Diablo II, but before Diablo III. Players will be able to choose from six character classes at launch, while Deckard Cain is expected to make a return.

Blizzard is also working on Diablo IV, although there's no release date yet. They've also announced a new World of Warcraft expansion, titled Dragonflight, while Overwatch 2's beta is slated to begin on April 26.