In context: Thursday's Summer Game Fest was full of reveals and updates for games coming to all platforms. Developers provided new info on upcoming, highly-anticipated games between the gameplay and cinematic teasers. If you're interested in just the trailers, check out our roundup.

Naughty Dog provided a better glimpse into what we could expect from its next-gen remake of The Last of Us. Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann said the remake is a faithful reproduction of TLOU, utilizing the same performances from the original cast. Of course, the graphics are enhanced --- as if the game could look any more stunning than the PS4 Pro remaster --- judge for yourself in the trailer below.

However, the game is not just getting a fresh coat of paint to leverage the power of the PS5 and PCs. Without getting into specifics, Druckmann says the team overhauled the combat system and AI. The game will also take advantage of Sony's 3D spatial audio, which should add an immersive experience when hiding from the Clickers as they attempt to locate you through echolocation. Gameplay will also implement the DualSense controller's adaptive triggers and improved haptic feedback.

Naughty Dog joins the growing list of developers implementing accessibility patches into their games. The remake will have many more features to aid disabled players than the original or even The Last of Us Part II, which won the Innovation in Accessibility trophy at the 2020 Game Awards Show.

The game will release in three versions. The base game is $70 and includes the excellent Left Behind prequel DLC. The Digital Deluxe Edition goes for $80 and unlocks additional content, including explosive arrows, weapon skins, a speedrun mode, and modifiers for faster crafting and healing.

The premium Firefly Edition is a physical collectors version that includes everything from the lower-priced entries and throws in a steelbook cover and four issues of the comic "The Last of Us: American Dreams." Unfortunately, this edition sold out in a heartbeat.

Preorders for digital and physical versions are already open, with early comers getting a couple of extra perks --- bonus supplements and bonus weapon parts.

Druckmann also revealed a few details about the upcoming multiplayer TLOU, which is still in development. This version will not be just an MMO with TLOU characters. Druckmann said it is an entirely new story with never-before-seen characters, takes place in a new location, and is designed from the ground up as a standalone title.

"[It's] as big of as any of our single-player games that we've done, and in some ways bigger," said Druckmann.

The Naughty Dog boss didn't indicate whether TLOU multiplayer would be a free-to-play game, but it stands to reason that it will operate under a live-service model like Fortnite. So, free-to-play with microtransactions.

The Last of Us Part I launches for PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022, with the PC version arriving sometime later. The Last of Us multiplayer doesn't yet have a release window, but Naughty Dog promises to bring us more information on it next year.