In a nutshell: PC accessory maker NZXT is getting into the thermal paste game. The company's high-performance thermal paste is made from a custom-engineered formula comprised of zinc oxide, aluminum and a liquid polymer, and is both non-electrically conductive and non-curing to prevent short circuiting. It's suitable for use on CPU and GPU cores, has a three-year shelf life, and is said to be easy to apply and clean up.

The paste carries a thermal conductivity rating of 6.3 W/mk (watts per square meter of the surface area), a viscosity rating of 35~220*10³ mPa.s and a specific gravity rating of 3.5 g/cc. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the thermal conductivity rating, the better the material will be at conducting heat.

Traditional, non-conductive pastes like NZXT's don't perform as well as more exotic TIMs like liquid metal but they are much easier to apply and won't kill hardware if it accidentally comes in contact with it.

NZXT was founded in 2004 by Johnny Hou. The company's first product, the Guardian chassis, featured a plastic front bezel that looked straight out of the Transformers franchise. NZXT helped pioneer the crafted case movement and has since expanded into several other product categories and even offers custom and pre-built PCs.

NZXT's high-performance thermal paste is priced at $9.99 for a 3g tube and $19.99 for a 15g tube. Both are available to purchase from today from NZXT's webstore.