In context: (Warning: some Stranger Things season 4 spoilers ahead) If you're one of the many people who contributed to Stranger Things season 4's record viewing figures---781.04 million hours viewed in its first two and half weeks---you might have been left wondering what would be the song that could save you from Vecna. Spotify has answered that question with a personalized playlist of music so powerful it might stop the upside down's evil antagonist.

The first half of Stranger Things season 4 has sent Kate Bush's 1985 track Running Up That Hill flying up the charts (to number one in the UK) thanks to its use as the song that saves Max from a bone-snapping death at the hands of Vecna.

With the second part of Stranger Things season 4 arriving tomorrow, Spotify has launched The Upside Down Playlist, which could help you find your own savior song. The list includes some favorite (i.e., most played) songs mixed with a few Stranger Things classics.

Once season 4 part two arrives, Netflix will be updating its Stranger Things Official Playlist with all the new songs from the series. That means we'll find out which song Eddie Munson is shredding in the trailer, with The Final Countdown, Sweet Child O' Mine, and Master of Puppets the main theories.

Not sure what's the most embarrassing admission on this list

In other news, you might have seen Spotify Icebergs appearing on social media recently. They're a take on Hemingway's Iceberg Theory that shows how deep a topic goes, with the lesser-known information at the bottom and the more visible parts above water. In this case, the popular bands you listen to will be at the top while the obscure artists will be at the bottom. You can try it out at icebergify.