What just happened? Destiny 2 recently became the center of rising concerns about player toxicity against game developers. Bungie has sued a player for a particularly egregious string of trolling against the company and its staff.

Bungie filed a lawsuit against a Destiny 2 player last week after repeated instances of cheating, threatening Bungie staff, and selling stolen in-game content. This lawsuit is an extreme case, but the company admits that similar behavior from other players has affected how it interacts with its fanbase.

According to Bungie, Luca Leon publicly streamed himself using cheats in Destiny 2, eventually starting over a dozen accounts as Bungie banned each of them. Leone didn't hide his repeated breaches of Destiny 2's license agreement, bragging about his ongoing battle with Bungie.

The developer also accuses Leone of selling stolen accounts and fraudulent in-game items like emblems, some of which Bungie created for charity. The suit associates Leone with "OG Users" – a marketplace for stolen account credentials and SIM-swapping.

Most serious are Leone's alleged threats against Bungie community managers. In May, Leone tweeted a picture of community manager Dylan Gafner's employee badge and later wrote, "he is not safe," after mentioning he was moving closer to where Gafner lives. Leone threatened other community managers and joked about committing arson at Bungie HQ.

After Bungie made the filing, Gafner admitted on Twitter that harassment against employees negatively impacts how Bungie communicates with players. He also wrote that player toxicity has affected other developers.

This isn't the only time Bungie has taken people to court recently. Earlier this month, a cheat developer agreed to pay $13.5 million. Also last month Bungie sued someone for issuing fraudulent copyright takedown notices against the developer's Destiny 2 YouTube videos.