Something to look forward to: It's been over a year since the internet lost its collective mind over the nine-foot six-inch undead woman called Lady Dimitrescu, who, despite being a vampiric antagonist in Resident Evil Village, became a thirst trap for those who like really, really tall and rather stern women. Thankfully, Lady D. will return in a new expansion for the game, one where you get to control her, and Capcom has just released gameplay footage of what this will look like.

Capcom last month revealed that Resident Evil Village would get a new story and a third-person mode in the upcoming DLC, The Winters' Expansion. The expansion also offers new Mercenaries missions featuring three of the game's characters: the hammer-wielding Karl Heisenberg, franchise regular Chris Redfield, and Lady Dimitrescu herself. The inclusion of Lady D. is especially welcome as she deserved more than her relatively brief appearance in the base game.

Capcom has now released a trailer to promote the opening of pre-orders for Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which bundles the base game and Winters' Expansion DLC.

The trailer starts with the new characters available in the Mercenaries mode. First up is Chris Redfield, who, as you may remember from the base game, is quite a bad-ass. Here he packs plenty of firepower and an onslaught Gauge that fills on each kill until he can activate it, increasing movement speed, reloads, and attack damage. He also gets a target locator for directing support attacks.

Heisenberg, meanwhile, gets to use his massive electric hammer and Magneto-like power of metal control that can pull enemies close and launch sawblades. He can also summon a Soldat Jet, those mutated, mechanically upgraded humans with jet packs.

Finally, there's Lady Dimitrescu. Her point-of-view is above most enemies, obviously, and you get to use her talons to eviscerate people and strength to throw objects and slam monsters into the ground. You can also call one of her vampiric daughters once the Thrill Gauge is full.

The DLC pack also contains the single-player Shadows of Rose, featuring the now-teenage daughter of Ethan Winters. It takes place in a third-person mode, which can also be enabled in the base game for buyers of the expansion.

The Winters' Expansion releases on October 28. Preorders are now open.