Highly anticipated: We're now a mere five days away from the event gamers are hotly anticipating: Nvidia's unveiling of the RTX 4000 graphics cards. Adding more fuel to the hype machine, team green has posted a couple of new teasers for the GeForce Beyond event, including one with a mystery code that could reveal some Lovelace specs.

The Nvidia GeForce Twitter account's latest teaser for Project Beyond shows a PC setup with dual monitors and plenty of the company's iconic green colors splashed across the keyboard, monitor stand, and even the cup. There's also a glowing green Holocron in the corner.

The camera pans in on a sticky note attached to one of the monitors, bringing into focus a sequence of numbers: (208) 629-7538. What these represent isn't clear, but there are plenty of theories.

The '629' in the center of the string could be the AD102 GPU's die size. This was rumored to be 628mm squared, suggesting the actual figure is 1mm larger than thought. The second number, 7538, is more than likely the number of transistors. We've heard the RTX 4090 will feature 75 billion transistors, so the specific figure could be 75.38 billion.

Finally, there's the '208' at the beginning of the code. This one is baffling people, but the most likely explanation is that the GPU offers 2.08x more performance than the GA102 found in the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080. Again, previous rumors have pointed to the RTX 4090 offering around twice the performance of the current-gen card.

A second teaser trailer features the same desk with a piece of paper next to the PC. Zooming in shows it to be a "Diagram for the computation by the Engine of the Numbers of Bernoulli," created for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine by none other than Ada Lovelace in 1843. While it's pretty apparent what Project Beyond will be about, this is essentially the first time Nvidia has confirmed that the event will revolve around the Lovelace architecture.

The latest RTX 4000 rumors claim the RTX 4090 will launch first in October, the same month we might also see three refreshed Ampere cards. It's also thought Nvidia will announce this card alongside two versions of the RTX 4080 (16GB and 12GB), rather than an RTX 4070. We'll find out for sure on Tuesday September 20 at 8am PT/ 11am ET.