What just happened? NordicHardware recently shared some PCB images of Galax's upcoming RTX 4090 graphics card designed for extreme overclocking. It features one of the most impressive power delivery systems shipped on a consumer graphics card, voltage measurement points, and a neat white PCB.

The newest HOF-series card is the first RTX 4090 model to feature two 12VHPWR connectors, allowing it to draw up to 1,275W (600W + 600W + 75W from the PCIe slot). However, reports indicate the BIOS will have a power limit of "only" 1,000W, far higher than other RTX 4090s, which usually top out at about 450-600W.

Galax's flagship RTX 4090 features a massive 28 VRM phases for the GPU and another four for the GDDR6X memory. For comparison, Nvidia's Founders Edition uses a 20+4 phase design. The Hall of Fame card also has a small dongle above the video connectors, likely used to toggle the LN2 BIOS.

Overclockers have already started sharing their record-breaking results with liquid-nitrogen-cooled HOF cards. Overclocked Gaming Systems (OGS) managed to squeeze the GPU for a whopping 3705 MHz in the GPUPI test, netting it first place on the global single GPU leaderboard. As a reminder, Nvidia's RTX 4000-series lacks NVLink support, meaning several last-gen RTX 3090/ RTX 3090 Ti can still score higher overall in some benchmarks.

The OGS team also scored 31,096 in the popular 3DMark Port Royal benchmark, beating the previous single-GPU world record by over 1,000 points. The graphics card reached a lower 3570 MHz frequency here, but OGS also overclocked the GDDR6X memory to 1469 MHz, a 12 percent increase compared to stock.

The RTX 4090 HOF currently has no competitors in the (admittedly very niche) extreme overclocking market. Micro-Star International (MSI) hasn't released a Lightning edition card since the RTX 2080 Ti, and EVGA's exit from the graphics card business means it won't be launching any new Kingpin models.

Galax hasn't shared a release date for the RTX 4090 HOF. Users will likely pay a sizeable premium for the binned GPUs and impressive power delivery system.