WTF?! Have you ever wished that your oven had an internal camera able to livestream the cooking of its contents? Probably not, but that hasn't stopped Samsung from creating such an appliance. In all fairness, the Bespoke AI Oven does more than just broadcast your culinary skills, or lack of them, to the world.

Samsung has just showed off some of its kitchen appliances that will be part of its CES 2023 lineup. The Bespoke AI Oven stands out thanks to its internal camera and what Samsung calls powerful AI. It's able to recognize 80 different dishes (106 in Europe) and ingredients that are being cooked and recommend the appropriate temperature, time, and mode, the latter of which includes air frying, steam cooking, and dual temperature zones.

For those whose chef skills don't match Gordon Ramsey's, the oven is also able to recognize if the dish being cooked is close to burning and send warning notifications to users. Furthermore, owners can livestream the camera's view to social media, which is apparently a great feature for content creators and chefs. You can also take photos of the food and check on its progress via the video feed.

The oven can be integrated with Samsung's SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Health to analyze users' workout stats and diet goals to recommend meal options based on the ingredients they have at home. It also has a push-to-open door instead of a handle; a feature not everyone might appreciate.

The Bespoke AI Oven is now available in Europe. It arrives in North America during the third quarter of 2023. No word yet on how much it will cost.

Samsung also unveiled its Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator. It comes with an integrated 32-inch, bezel-less FHD screen that allows users to monitor and control compatible SmartThings devices. The Family Hub software also lets users watch 190 free TV channels, access their Google Photos library, and has a picture-in-picture option. The refrigerator is set to launch in North America and Korea in the first half of 2023.

Finally, there's the more traditional Bespoke Side-by-Side refrigerator. It also lacks a handle, opening via a tap on the door, and packs features such as a Dual Auto Ice Maker, AutoFill Water Pitcher with Infuser, and Samsung's Optimal Fresh Zone+ and Active Fresh Filter, which the company says keep food fresher for longer while eliminating 99.99% of bacteria. The Bespoke Side-by-Side Refrigerator will be available in the US in the first quarter of 2023,