Something to look forward to: Corsair is building a new power supply lineup, known as the RMx Shift series that aims to relocate the internal power connectors from the rear of the power supply to the side. This design change is meant to improve cable management by opening up more room to the rear of the case where power connectors and power plugs used to be.

As reported by TechPowerUp and momomo_us, this new PSU design will be useful where empty space is very valuable in the power supply compartment. This is especially true with chassis where the hard drive cage is stored in the same location as the power supply. The relocated connectors could mean the difference between keeping the hard drive cage inside the chassis or removing it to make room for power supply cables.

Another potential benefit of this design is less cable distance required to connect the 8-pin EPS power connector located at the upper-left of most motherboards. In instances where the cable is short, the 8-pin is usually required to make a run from the bottom middle of the chassis to the top rear of the case in an awkward diagonal orientation. With Corsair's new design, the 8-pin EPS power cable can hug the rear of the case for a clean run.

One negative with Corsair's new design is the requirement for the PSU fan to be facing downwards under all circumstances. Flipping the power supply over will block all access to the power connectors, which could restrict case compatibility in some circumstances.

TechPowerUp says that two PSU models will be built on this new design, including 1200W and 850W variants. Both units will be 80 Plus Gold rated, and come in a matte black finish with a grey corsair fan for cooling. The 1200W version pictured will come with four PCIe/CPU eight-pin connectors, and five six-pin power connectors for hooking up SATA or PATA devices. Finally, there are three plugs to the left for powering the CPU and motherboard, which should consist of at least a pair of 8-pin EPS connections and obviously a 24-pin power connection for the motherboard itself.

Size requirements have not been listed, but we expect these Corsair RMx Shift units to require some additional side clearance to make way for the relocated power connectors. However, if Corsair uses right-angled connectors, we suspect these PSU models should fit in most standard ATX chassis without much trouble.