Forward-looking: The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is an amazing, if very expensive, phone, but one of the design elements that can put consumers off is the screen crease that's visible when the handset is fully open. However, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which arrives later this year, could address this issue thanks to a droplet-style hinge.

As reported Korean publication Naver (via SamMobile), Samsung could use a droplet-style hinge that would allow the Galaxy Z Fold 5's display to form a teardrop shape when closed. Not only would this enable the display to be folded completely flat, as opposed to having a slight gap like the Z Fold 4, but it would also mean a near-invisible crease when the display is fully opened. The new design is also said to increase the screen's durability and the number of folds/unfolds it can endure; the Z Fold 4 can withstand over 200,000 folds before failing.

We love the Galaxy Z Fold 4, awarding it a score of 85 in our review. Samsung reduced the visibility of the screen crease in its latest version of the Fold series, but the shallow indentation is still noticeable when running a finger across the screen, and the line is more prominent against a dark background and when viewed from an angle. For some, this writer included, the crease doesn't outweigh the Fold 4's many positives, but it's a deal-breaker for others. A droplet-style hinge similar to those used in other foldable/flip phones could virtually erase the center line.

Samsung patented the droplet design, which it refers to as dumbbell, in 2016, though it's only now being introduced to its phones, possibly because the company was waiting for it to work alongside the IPX8 water-resistance rating, which arrived in Samsung foldables in 2021.

The original Fold, you might recall, had a disastrous time in 2019. Several pre-launch review models broke, resulting in Samsung delaying the official launch from April to September. Each iteration has improved upon that original design, and the fifth version could fix one of its biggest remaining problems. Let's hope the next thing Samsung addresses is the price.