Rumor mill: We're starting to get a better indication of whether Nvidia will release an RTX 4090 Ti or a Titan RTX Ada. According to the latest rumors, both cards will be launched at some point. A leaker claims the RTX 4090 Ti will use the AD102 GPU, pack 24GB of 24 Gbps memory, and have a TBP of 600W.

The latest claim that Nvidia will release a Ti version of the incredibly powerful RTX 4090 comes from prolific hardware leaker @kopite7kimi, who has a good record when it comes to these sorts of leaks. They tweeted that the RTX 4090 Ti (model PG136/139-SKU310) will use a slightly cut-down version of the AD102 with 18,176 Cuda cores, 192 ROPs, 568 TMUs, a 96MB L2cache, and a 384-bit memory bus.

That AD102 configuration is similar to the one used in the RTX 6000 Ada Generation card aimed at the professional and enterprise market, though that $7,000+ product packs 48GB of GDDR6.

The specs would push the RTX 4090 Ti's maximum bandwidth to 1,152 GB/s, meaning not only would the Ti pack more FP32 Cuda cores than the standard version of the card, but also feature more bandwidth.

One area where the RTX 4090 has the unreleased card beaten is its Total Board Power (TBP). The current Lovelace flagship has a 450W TBP, while the RTX 4090 Ti is said to have a 600W TBP. We can also expect the Ti to carry an even heftier price tag than its sibling, which has an eye-watering $1,600 MSRP and usually sells for a lot more. The Ti version could be closer to $2,000, and that's just the recommended retail price.

There's no word on when the RTX 4090 Ti might arrive. VideoCardz notes that an alleged photo of some metal from the card's cooler design has already leaked, possibly indicating that a new consumer flagship is in the works.

As expensive, fast, and power-hungry as the RTX 4090 Ti is, it will likely be surpassed in those areas by the Titan RTX Ada. Purported photos (above) of the enterprise-focused card leaked yesterday, and it's alleged to feature 48GB of GDDR6X, 18,176 CUDA cores, and a TDP of 800W.