In a nutshell: Samsung's latest Galaxy S23 handsets come with several cool features, including the option to bypass charging when you're playing games, so your phone can be powered directly from the outlet and not charge at the same time, running cooler as a result.

Gamers and power users will appreciate Samsung's Galaxy S23 new feature called "Pause USB Power Delivery" that's been added to Game Booster settings, as discovered by YouTuber NL Tech. When enabled, the phone will halt charging and send power straight to the phone's hardware, bypassing the battery. This maintains the battery's health over time and keeps the phone cool.

The Pause USB Power Delivery feature appears to work without a specific charger, which is wonderful news. The feature prevents your phone from getting hot during activities that use a lot of power, like gaming. What usually happens when you plug in your charger, your phone starts juicing up the battery while also using energy to power the processor. But with bypass charging, the processor can manage the device's thermals better, overall heat production on the device is reduced and this should give you more efficient performance (e.g. avoid throttling).

On the downside, although the feature should work with S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra phones, owners are reporting the feature is not showing up on all devices, though it might get added later via software update.

Samsung didn't mention Pause USB Power Delivery during the Galaxy S23's introduction last week or in the One UI 5.1 changelog. Thus it remains to be seen whether the feature will be accessible to older Galaxy flagships.