Forward-looking: British developer Supermassive Games is working on a horror game that utilizes modern VR technology in new and exciting ways. Using the PlayStation VR2's eye-tracking technology, Switchback VR at times utilizes a unique gameplay mechanic in which enemies only move or advance on you when you blink your eyes. Keep your eyes open and you'll be safe... maybe. Spatial audio helps pinpoint which enemies are closest so you can take them out in an orderly fashion.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is described as a fast-paced roller coaster horror-shooter with a twist. Set in the Dark Pictures Anthology universe as a spiritual successor to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the game is essentially a series of nightmares that play out with you strapped into the front seat of a roller coaster - all while drifting in and out of consciousness during a near-death experience following a train crash.

Each track has multiple paths, ensuring that no two runs will be the same. From distorted apparitions on a ghost ship to witches, vampires and a serial killer out for blood, it seemingly has all the nightmare fuel.

Alejandro Arque Gallardo, game director at Supermassive, teased another innovative use of eye tracking that works in a completely different way.

Supermassive is also taking advantage of PS VR2's haptics to intensify immersion and make players feel like they are actually in the moment. From the clanking of the coaster as it climbs a steep hill and the kick of your gun to the wind blowing on your hands, you will feel it all. Some enemies will even have the ability to make their presence felt through haptics, allowing you to physically feel the fear.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR launches on March 15 for PlayStation VR2 and is available to pre-order now for $39.99. Sony's PS VR2, meanwhile, drops on February 22 starting at $549.99.

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