Highly anticipated: Apple's mixed reality headset has been in a works for several years, but it is yet to see the light of day. Several tipsters have leaked its supposed specs and features, but most of them agree that the company still needs to sort out various problems before it can be launched commercially.

With Apple widely tipped to launch its first-gen mixed reality headset later this year, a new report suggests that it might be a bit of a disappointment. According to Financial Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook might be rushing the product launch despite the device not being ready for prime time.

As per the report, the launch time frame for Apple's first-gen mixed reality headset became a bone of contention between the company's operations team and design team after the former wanted to launch a 'version one' of the headset this year, while the latter wanted Cook to wait until the designers could create a more lightweight device that would resemble a pair of glasses rather than bulky ski-goggles.

Cook apparently sided with the operations team and decided to give the go-ahead for the launch. While the rationale behind Cook's decision is not immediately clear, the device has already been postponed multiple times, leading to 'huge pressure' on Cook and his team not to push it back any further.

In its present form, Apple's first mixed reality headset will reportedly let users "watch immersive 3D video, perform interactive workouts or chat with realistic avatars through a revamped FaceTime."

The device is rumored to be priced at a whopping $3,000, making it thrice as expensive as the Meta Quest Pro, which now costs $1,000 after receiving a $500 price cut earlier this month. If the rumored price-tag turns out to be accurate, it would mean the device would have a very niche market, although Apple is still aiming to sell one million units in the first 12 months.

Some industry observers, however, are skeptical about the rumored sales target. Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) CEO and Apple insider Ross Young tweeted on Sunday, saying one million units is "much too high" a target, considering the rumored price point.

Either way, the device is expected to debut at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event this June, so we won't have to wait long to find out more.