In a nutshell: Nintendo has shared roughly 10 minutes of gameplay footage from the next entry in the Zelda series and if this early look is any indication, it's safe to say that Nintendo has another smash hit on its hands.

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma hosted the briefing and demonstrated several of Link's new abilities including Recall, which rewinds an object's movement. In the demo, Aonuma used it on a rock that had fallen from the sky to hitch a reverse ride - elevator style - up to one of the sky islands.

Crafting is also poised to be a big element in the new Zelda game. Leveraging an ability called Fuse, Link can create all sorts of new weapons and objects by combining individual items.

Fusing a tree branch with a boulder, for example, creates a giant hammer that is far more effective against enemies than the stick on its own. Arrows can be combined with a variety of other items to boost their attacks, like adding an ice element to freeze an enemy or equipping it with an eyeball to add homing abilities. Adding a mushroom to your shield will generate a puff of smoke when hit, disorienting enemies and making them easier to defeat.

Ultrahand is another type of crafting that'll help Link engineer all sorts of creations. In the demo, Aonuma lashed together some logs to make a raft, then added fans for propulsion. Notably, some of the vehicles shown in earlier trailers aren't actually in the game from the start, but where built using Ultrahand.

Ascend, meanwhile, allows Link to pass right through solid ceilings to gain access to what's on top. It even works in cavernous mountains to quickly reach the summit.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches on May 12 for the Nintendo Switch priced at $69.99. There's also a new Tears of the Kingdom Edition OLED Switch dropped on April 28. It's goes for $359.99 and includes a Switch Pro Controller and a Switch carrying case. Notably, the game isn't included with the bundle.

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