What just happened? If you're looking for inspiration to start your own gaming company, here's something that could help: Wargraphs, a Paris-based startup that until last week had one employee, has been bought for $54 million. The company created the hugely popular League of Legends stat app Porofessor.

Wargraphs, which counted 35-year-old founder Jean-Nicolas Mastin as its only employee, is the company behind League of Legends companion apps Porofessor and League of Graphs. They offer a wealth of information such as win rates and character picks of competitive players. There are also build recommendations, post-match analysis, access to replays, and more.

TechCrunch writes that Wargraphs also builds analytics for Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics, but League of Legends remains its biggest business. Porofessor, the world's leading in-game app, has had 10 million downloads on Overwolf and more than 1.25 million daily active users; the user numbers are combined traffic from Overwolf - a platform that allows the building, sharing, and monetization of in-game apps and mods - and Porofessor's own site. Wargraphs' websites have recorded 4.5 billion page views since launch, according to the acquisition announcement.

Wargraphs made $13.4 million in sales during the year ending November 2022 through advertising on its sites and in-game app. The 10-year-old firm's established userbase and impressive revenue caught the eye of Swedish MOBA-focused acquisition firm MOBA Network, which paid 50 million euros, about $54 million, to acquire Wargraph. An initial payment of 25 million euros ($27 million) will be paid, followed by a maximum of €25 million based on reaching profitability targets for 12 and 24 months after the acquisition.

MOBA Networks acquires, develops, and operates gaming communities for the global gaming market. It owns one of the world's largest networks in gaming communities, including 23 web-based brands and YouTube network Union for Gamers with over 1,000 content creators.

"I started this journey ten years ago with League of Graphs, a high-quality stats website, which evolved into a way for players to understand their match statistics, champion performance, and other key aspects of gameplay," said Jean-Nicolas, in a statement. "In 2017, I launched what is now Porofessor and transitioned it to an in-game app that players can use in-game and in real-time, with the support of Overwolf, a technology framework that allows third-party developers to easily build gaming apps. I've always taken a community-first approach in building Porofessor and now with the support of M.O.B.A. Network, I'll be able to add even more value to gamers as we reach as many players as possible."

League of Legends remains one of the most popular games in the world (the seventh, according to Newzoo), thanks to almost 150 million active monthly players. It was also the most popular title on Twitch in May, with 121 million hours watched.