What just happened? 8BitDo is on a roll. After introducing a retro receiver for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 last week, the gaming peripheral specialist is back with another pocket-sized accessory. It probably isn't going to replace your go-to gamepad, but it might be handy for on-the-go play when you want to pack light.

The aptly named 8BitDo Micro is an ultra compact Bluetooth gaming controller designed for use with the Nintendo Switch as well as Android and Raspberry Pi devices. It measures 72 mm x 40.7 mm x 14.1 mm (2.83 in x 1.60 in x 0.55 in) and weighs just 24.8 grams (0.87 ounces) but manages to pack 16 buttons including a D pad, four primary action buttons, two bumpers per side, plus and minus buttons, and traditional start and select buttons.

A 180mAh rechargeable battery is said to be good for up to 10 hours of use on a single charge, with a recharge time of 1-2 hours. The controller can also be used in wired mode via USB, and supports button mapping when running in keyboard mode.

On paper, 8BitDo's latest creation looks neat enough but I am not sure it is terribly practical, especially if you have average-sized or large hands. I suspect that given its size, most will consider it a kid's toy or a novelty at best. It kind of reminds me of SNK's Neo Geo mini or the Asterisk Tetris clone – fun, but too small to be all that useful.

8BitDo's recently announced retro mechanical keyboard, on the other hand, carries the appropriate dimensions and looks absolutely stunning. Heck, it even comes with two oversized buttons that can be programmed to any input or macro. It is available to pre-order in Nintendo and Famicom editions for $99.99, and ships on September 20.

The 8BitDo Micro is offered in your choice of green or blue color schemes and will set you back $24.99. You can grab it directly from the company's online shop or via Amazon.