In brief: Baldur's Gate 3 developer Larian Studios has published the game's first major patch, and it's a doozy. According to the studio, the update is so extensive that the changelog actually exceeded Steam's text limit.

Patch #1 fixes more than 1,000 bugs and addresses balancing, flow issues, and much more. Among the many issues that have been resolved include a glitch where NPCs can sometimes spot you when they shouldn't be able to, randomly floating props like newspapers and mugs, and a bug where Shadowheart's romance scene doesn't trigger for some players.

The update additionally takes care of a handful of visual bugs and applies some more post-launch polish, Larian Studios said.

The full list of fixes is available over on Larian Studios' website. The developer said it will continue to iron out any remaining bugs and encourages players to reach out with problems they may encounter in the game.

An unfinished version of Baldur's Gate 3 was released in early access format way back on October 6, 2020, but the full version only dropped on August 3 of this year for Windows. A proper release for macOS and PlayStation 5 is slated for September 6, and we are told that an Xbox Series release will happen sometime before the end of the year.

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Pricing starts at $59.99 for the base game over on Steam (tack on another $9.99 if you want the digital deluxe edition DLC). The PlayStation 5 version will set you back $69.99 for the base game or $79.99 for the digital deluxe edition. It's worth noting that the PS5 digital deluxe edition will put the game in your hands four days early, if that sort of thing matters to you. No word yet on how much the Xbox Series version will sell for.

Have you had a chance to play the game yet and if so, what are your thoughts?