Benchmarks: Metro Redux, Tomb Raider

The R9 Fury X delivered 53fps on average when playing Metro Redux at 1600p, 9% slower than the GTX 980 Ti and R9 295X2 and just 6% faster than the GTX 980 despite crushing the R9 390X by a 23% margin. At 4K we see the margin between the Fury X and GTX 980 Ti shrink considerably as the GeForce GPU was just 3% faster.

With TressFX disabled the GeForce cards race ahead in Tomb Raider and with GPUs like the GTX 980 Ti now rendering 60fps at 4K, we might have to start testing with TressFX enabled. In any case, at 1600p the R9 Fury X was 18% slower than the GTX 980 Ti and 26% slower than the R9 295X2 while it was just 4% faster than the GTX 980. At 4K the Fury X is 18% slower than the GTX 980 Ti.