Benchmarks: Watch Dogs, Hitman: Absolution

The R9 Fury X was 11% slower than the GTX 980 Ti at 1600p and just 7% slower at 4K. Meanwhile it was 31% slower than the R9 295X2 at both resolutions.

Please note all results are sorted by the 4K results which is why the graph above looks a little messy. For some reason the AMD GPUs run into some kind of bottleneck at 1600p that limits the Fury X to just 78fps, just 3% faster than the R9 390X and 12% slower than the GTX 980 Ti. Moving to 4K helps alleviate the bottleneck and now the Fury X beats the R9 390X by a 22% margin on top of being 7% faster than the GTX 980 Ti.