Benchmarks: Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline

The R9 Fury X wasn't as potent when testing with Battlefield 4 as it trailed the GTX 980 Ti by 12% at 1600p. Despite that, it was still 15% faster than the GTX 980 and 21% faster than the R9 390X. At 4K, the gap between the Fury X and GTX 980 Ti was reduced to 5%.

The R9 Fury X didn't enjoy our Battlefield Hardline benchmark. For whatever reason it was slower than the GTX 980 at 1600p and 20% slower than the GTX 980 Ti, though performance did improve at 4K where the Fury X was 11% slower than the GTX 980 Ti and 11% faster than the GTX 980.