iGPU Performance

The Core i7-5775C processor has featured the best performing integrated graphics we've seen to date and the Core i7-6770HQ essentially adds more execution units to the same GPU design, resulting in even greater performance. That said, in BioShock Infinite the NUC6i7KYK and its Core i7-6770HQ processor were good for just a few more frames, a mere 4% performance boost in fact.

The Dragon Age Inquisition results were more impressive as the Core i7-6770HQ provided a 12% jump over the Core i7-5775C and 44% more performance than AMD's A10-7870K.

This time the NUC6i7KYK was 9% faster than the Core i7-5775C when testing with Hitman and 25% faster than the A10-7870K.

Tomb Raider looks awful using the low quality settings but this did allow for 110fps at 1440x900 on the NUC6i7KYK making it 13% faster than the Core i7-5775C and a mind blowing 112% faster than the A10-7870K.

Finally, we have Crysis 3 and here the NUC6i7KYK was only 4% faster than the Intel Core i7-5775C desktop processor at 1440x900, though we should note that it's also 55% faster than the A10-7870K and 109% faster than the flagship Haswell desktop processor.