Graphics, Throttling and Storage Performance

GPU benchmarks reveal performance in-line with other Snapdragon 820 devices. Compared to handsets with a 1440p display (like the HTC 10), the performance of the Adreno 530 at 1080p is around 60% better, so there is a notable advantage here to the OnePlus 3 and its lower-resolution display.

The OnePlus 3 boasts graphics performance around 65% better than the OnePlus 2 and its Adreno 430 GPU. Again, compared to Snapdragon 801 handsets, performance in GPU-limited workloads is approximately 2.5x to 3x.

Amazingly, the OnePlus 3 does not throttle at all, even after 30 minutes of heavy GPU usage. This does come at a cost of power consumption and heat output, which are higher than average during the most intense workloads, but there is no reduction in performance at any stage.

The OnePlus 3 features fantastic NAND performance, pushing to the top of our charts in all but a few instances. This results in fast app loading, and helps make the system feel extremely speedy in general use.