Benchmarks: Mirrors's Edge Catalyst, Tom Clancy's The Division

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is another game I didn't have time to completely retest with more suitable settings for the RX 470. Therefore, we are stuck with the hyper quality results and this meant an average of just 39fps at 1080p for the RX 470. Even so, the RX 470 was just 3fps slower than the R9 390 and 4fps slower than the RX 480.

Again we find at 1440p the RX 470 is able to outclass the GTX 970, even if it's by a slim margin under unplayable conditions.

Despite testing The Division using the ultra-quality settings with SMAA the RX 470 rendered an impressive 53fps on average, making it just 5fps slower than the RX 480 while it matched the GTX 970.

At 1440p the RX 470 pulls 4fps ahead of the GTX 970 while it trailed the R9 390 by 1fps and the RX 480 by 2fps.