Overclocking Performance

Overclocked, the Asus RX 470 Stix maxed out at the same 1350MHz core frequency that our reference RX 480 card hit. For the RX 480, that was a mere 7% performance boost, for the lower clocked RX 470 the same 1350MHz overclock meant a 13% boost. The memory was only overclocked from 1650MHz to just 1700MHz as this is all the headroom WattMan would allow for.

Our custom overclock boosted the Far Cry Primal 1080p performance by 12%, allowing the RX 470 to match the performance of the RX 480 at 55fps.

This time we saw a 14% boost in performance when testing with Star Wars Battlefront as the average frame rate was increased from 70fps to 80fps. Again this meant the RX 470 was able to match the stock performance of the RX 480.

We recorded a 9% performance boost when testing with Tom Clancy's The Division as the RX 470 went from 53fps to match the RX 480 with 58fps.