Power Consumption & Temperatures

For testing we used Asus' RX 470 Strix which was clocked according to the AMD reference clock speeds using WattMan. This allowed for a maximum operating temperature of just 60 degrees which is considerably cooler than the 81 degrees our RX 480 reference card operated at.

The power consumption of the RX 470 was similar to the RX 480, though keep in mind we are using a custom factory overclocked Asus RX 470 Strix card. Although we have underclocked the card to meet the standard AMD specifications for the RX 470, the card is likely still running a more aggressive power profile.

Testing with Call of Duty: Black Ops III we see that the RX 470 consumed just five watts less than the RX 480 reference card.

The last game we are looking at the power consumption figures in is Just Cause 3, this time the RX 470 consumed 12 watts less than the reference RX 480.