Benchmarks: Star Wars Battlefront, Ashes of the Singularity

Those looking for an affordable graphics card to crack the 60fps barrier in Star Wars: Battlefront at 1080p with all the eye candy turned up will be pleased with what the RX 470 has to offer. Here we saw an average of 70fps with minimums of 61fps.

Even at 1440p we see a respectable 46fps average which placed the RX 470 just 3fps behind the R9 390.

The RX 470 averaged 51fps at 1080p in Ashes of the Singularity when running in DX12 mode, just 1fps slower than the GTX 970 and 10fps faster than the R9 380.

The RX 470 wasn't a great deal slower at 1440p and here we see a 46fps average using DX12, putting the RX 470 only 4fps behind the GTX 1060 and 7fps ahead of the GTX 970.