Benchmarks: Far Cry Primal, Ashes of the Singularity

A single Titan X provided an average of 90fps at 1440p in Far Cry Primal and adding a second card boosted the frame rate to 106fps, a rather dismal 18% performance gain -- not great news for those with 120-144Hz monitors.

It seems as though we were running into some kind of system bottleneck at 1440p. Moving to 4K removes that apparent limitation somewhat and sees Titan X SLI scale by almost 90%. Whereas a single Titan X was good for 50fps adding a second boosted the average frame rate to 93fps.

Even with three 1440p displays we find exceptional performance from the Titan X SLI configuration. A very playable 77fps was delivered and this worked out to be an 88% increase over a single card. The Titan X SLI cards were also a massive 40% faster than a pair of GTX 1080s.

Now with three 4K displays we find that a pair of Titan X graphics cards are good for 40fps which is playable given the minimum stayed well above 30fps. This meant SLI scaled perfectly here at 100%.

Ashes of the Singularity isn't an ideal game for testing multi-GPU performance, or GPU performance full stop. That said, we know plenty of you will want to know how the Titan X SLI cards handle this title so we provided the results.

The Titan X seems well adapted to this game delivering 43% more performance than the GTX 1080, which is very surprising. Adding a second card only boosted the average frame rate by 10%, though the minimum was increased by 21%.Now at The 4K resolution of a single Titan X was 30% faster than the GTX 1080 while adding another Titan X boosted performance by 21%.

Even with triple 1440p screens in play a single Titan X has no trouble delivering an average of 60fps in Ashes of the Singularity using the crazy quality preset. Adding a second Titan X for SLI is pointless in this title it seems.

Now with triple 4K displays SLI fails to deliver any extra performance and we end up with the same 44fps seen with a single Titan X. Despite that, the game did play quite well as the minimum frame rate stayed well above 30fps.