Benchmarks: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Not all that long ago Rise of the Tomb Raider was considered a highly demanding video game yet today there are single GPUs such as the GTX 1080 that can deliver over 100fps at 1440p. The Titan X kept the frame rate above 80fps at all times and went on to average 129fps. Adding a second Titan X for SLI only boosted performance by 36% at 4K. Still, it's hard to compare with an average of 175fps.

Even at 4K the Titan X was good for an average of 73fps and this time adding a second card boosted performance by 63%. Now with an average of 119fps we received some pretty sweet 4K performance with the Titan X SLI setup in Rise of the Tomb Raider, so now let's try triple monitor gaming.

A single Titan X was good for almost 60fps when driving three 1440p displays. Adding a second boosted performance by 57% to a very playable 93fps with a minimum of 68fps.

Now with three 4K monitors we found that a single Titan X was unable to deliver playable performance and even the GTX 1080 SLI cards struggled with very noticeable frame dips. Fortunately with SLI scaling to the tune of 86%, the Titan X SLI cards provided a smooth 52fps average with minimums staying above 30fps.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is extremely demanding even with the high quality settings. Although SLI does work in this title we saw no extra performance from adding a second Titan X at 1440p, some other system bottleneck must have been limiting performance here.

SLI scaled better at 4K, but it admittedly wasn't great at 50%, taking the average frame rate to 60fps for the Titan X SLI cards.

The triple 1440p display setup overwhelmed a single Titan X, sending its minimum frame rate below 30fps. Although SLI scaling was weak, the 34% gain was enough to achieve smooth playable performance on the Titan X SLI setup.

I'm sure the news that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided can't be played on triple 4K monitors surprises no one. Still the fact that the Titan X SLI cards kept frame rates above 20fps is impressive, though ultimately pointless.