Graphics and Storage Performance

Don't expect the Yoga Book to provide a good gaming experience, as Intel's Core M CPU is once again in the order of twice as fast as the Atom x5-Z8550. The Yoga Book is capable of playing lightweight Windows Store games and the occasional low intensity title from Steam, but anything more intense, including 3D games from 10 years ago, will struggle to run at 1080p.

The good news is that the Atom's HD Graphics 400 GPU is more than capable of rendering Windows 10 and its animations, so the operating system didn't seem to lag, and if there were slowdowns, it was often while loading applications.

The Yoga Book comes with a fairly limited 64 GB of storage, of which just over half is available to users out of the box. There is a microSD card slot included for expanding upon this, but I would ideally prefer 128 GB of storage in the Yoga Book as standard, at least for the Windows model.

Storage performance is weak, which leads to uninspiring app loading times. Having faster storage performance, particularly increased random reads and writes, would have helped the Yoga Book feel faster to use in everyday tasks.