Benchmarks: 1440p & 4K Performance

Upping the resolution to 1440p we still find very playable performance on relatively inexpensive hardware. The RX 470 stands out here as an amazingly good value, averaging 56fps and never dipping below 42fps. The GTX 1060 3GB also performed well, as did the older GTX 970, but if you want to stay above 50fps at all times then the R9 Nano, Fury, Fury X or GTX 980 Ti will be required.

If you plan to play Titanfall 2 at 4K, you'll need to do a bit of tweaking for 60fps performance. The developer suggests gamers running at 4K use the GTX 1080 and while an average of 51fps with a minimum of 40fps is certainly playable, we would still fine tune the settings. The Titan X looks mighty impressive once again with its 52fps minimum being faster than the GTX 1080's average frame rate.