CPU Performance

Given how little utilization we saw when using Core i7 and even Core i5 processors in our Titanfall 2 test, we were keen to try some lowly dual-core processors. Sadly, however, the game wouldn't load on our Celeron and Pentium systems. Nothing seemed to happen at all, we hit play in Origin and the client acted as if the game had been launched but nothing happened. In the end we gave up and I'm honestly not 100% sure if it was just a bug with our system or if the game won't work at all on a dual-core.

Adding to that frustration, Origin's hardware swapping limitations mean we'll have to wait 24 hours before trying again as we maxed out all three accounts.

Anyway, from what we found, pretty much any CPU supporting four threads will play Titanfall 2 without an issue. For those interested, we found the same surprisingly low CPU utilization in the multiplayer portion of the game as well.

While we were only seeing around 20% utilization on the Core i7-6700K, for some reason I was still expecting to see a slight decrease in performance when dropping down to 2.5GHz. Evidently, that wasn't the case so it seems Core i7 and Core i5 owners need not bother overclocking their CPU for this title.

The FX-series does see a slight performance benefit from overclocking, though you will need an extremely high-end GPU to take advantage of it. That said, given how high these processors already operate there probably isn't much (if anything) to be gained from going past 4.5GHz in this title.