Doesn't Require a Titan

Titanfall 2 looks amazing for a game based on the dated Source engine, albeit a heavily modified version of it. The single player campaign is highly immersive thanks to the game's beautiful graphics, which are highly customizable and should scale well across a range of varied hardware.

That said, when maxed out, Titanfall 2 played nicely with relatively inexpensive gear. Entry-level GPUs such as the RX 460 and GTX 1050 provided playable frame rates at 1080p, while previous generation mid-range GPUs had no trouble at all. Likewise, latest generation GPUs such as the RX 480 and GTX 1060 handled the game well even at 1440p.

As you'd expect, 4K gaming requires some serious graphics power and ideally gamers will want nothing less than the GTX 1080 while the Pascal Titan X fits the bill nicely, providing you have a few stacks of cash to spare.

Although we benchmarked the single-player campaign for ease of repetition to help with accuracy, we found that frame rates and even the total system demand was similar in the multi-player portion of the game. Point being, if your Core i3 can handle playing offline, it ought to hold up when you get online.

Speaking of processors, you really don't need much more than a current-gen Core i3 operating at a reasonable frequency. At most, a Core i5 may be required while the Core i7 is a complete waste here. Even AMD's highly-clocked FX-processors aren't fully utilized by this title.

Gamers with a budget-oriented build can look forward to very playable performance with as little as the Core i3-6100 and RX 470, and in fact this combo could actually run Titanfall 2 at 1440p.

Sadly for folks who have invested in a multi-GPU setups, they will be limited to a single card until support for SLI and Crossfire are added, though that shouldn't be too far away as some users have reported success using hacked profiles.

Overall, Titanfall 2 makes the most of a dated engine and delivers great graphics that should provide PC players with an enjoyable experience. However, it's a shame that the game has been released so near to Battlefield 1, which appeals to the same crowd, launched a week sooner and gave PC gamers a chance to get hooked during a lengthy beta earlier this year.