Benchmarks: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Doom, F1 2016

Even with the Core i7-7700K clocked at 4.9 GHz we start to run into another CPU bottleneck, this time in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at 1080p. That said when looking at the minimum frame rate the 1080 Ti still produced 22% more performance than the standard 1080. It also looked very mighty at 1440p with an average of 117 fps while frame rates never dipped below 100 fps.

At the extreme 4K resolution frame rates again stayed north of 60 fps with the 1080 Ti pushing no less than 66 fps throughout the test. That made it 35% faster than the vanilla 1080 when comparing the minimum frame rate which is most impressive.

Doom enforces its own speed limit with a 200 fps frame cap which we are easily reaching on the high-end GPUs at 1080p. Even at 1440p the 1080 Ti and Titan XP are locked at the 200 fps frame cap.

Turning the pixels up at 4K we still see well over 100 fps at all times on the Titan XP and GTX 1080 Ti. As a result this made it 24% faster than the standard GTX 1080 for the average frame rate and 20% for the minimum.

Those playing F1 2016 running triple monitor simulator setups will no doubt be interested in what the GTX 1080 Ti has to offer. The 1080p performance is impressive though it looks as though it’s being held back a little here. At 1440p the 1080 Ti starts to pull further away from the standard 1080 with an average of 133 fps.

Now at 4K the 1080 Ti is good for 81 fps on average while frame rates stayed above 67 fps at all times. This then made Nvidia’s new $700 champ 20% faster than the GTX 1080.