Benchmarks: For Honor, Gears of War 4, Mafia III

Cutting your way through hordes of stupidly easy baddies in For Honor is at least slightly satisfying with the GTX 1080 Ti. Here we see over 80 fps and this will help you keep up in the online mode as you change your guard stance multiple times per second.

Now at 4K using the extreme quality preset we are still seeing a respectable 55 fps on average. This was a 22% performance boost over the 45 fps churned out by the origional GTX 1080.

Those of you running 144Hz monitors can take full advantage of all those Hz in Gears of War 4 at 1080p using the new GTX 1080 Ti. Even at 1440p frame rates are often seen above 100 fps, roughly double that of those pathetic mid-range graphics cards, I kid of course.

Now at 4K we see the Fury X and GTX 1070 struggling to keep pace while the standard GTX 1080 looks quite respectable. The Ti model provides an additional 24% performance bump, hitting a 57 fps average.

Using the high quality preset the 1080 Ti pushed an average of 101 fps at 1080p in the Mafia III which isn't bad though that's not much faster than the GTX 1080. Moving to 1440p the Ti starts to pull away from the plain jane 1080, though it is only 13% faster here.

Finally at 4K the 1080 Ti hits full stride, pulling further away from the standard 1080 by a massive 29% margin.