Benchmarks: Quantum Break, Resident Evil 7

Firing up Quantum Break we see the GTX 1080 Ti is able to match the Titan XP as expected. What's interesting here is how much faster it is than the standard 1080, even at 1080p, 22% more performance at this resolution is quite surprising. Now at 1440p that margin is extended ever so slightly to 23% and again the Ti is still pushing over 100 fps.

Finally at the 4K resolution the 1080 Ti is good for almost 60 fps on average using the ultra quality preset. That again made it 23% faster than the standard 1080.

Here when playing Resident Evil 7 we see that the 1080 Ti is good for an incredible 211 fps on average at 1080p with the quality settings maxed out. That's more than twice the average frame rate of the RX 480 and GTX 1060 graphics cards. Similar margins are seen at 1440p and again frame rates are kept well above 100fps on Nvidia's new $700 graphics card.

Resident Evil 7 looks amazing on a large 4K screen and with a single 1080 Ti handling the rendering work you can enjoy gameplay at 60fps plus. As a result we saw 24% more frames from the Ti when compared to the standard 1080.