Power & Temperatures

When compared to the GTX 1080 the 1080 Ti consumed just 7% more power, pushing total system consumption to 334 watts which is surprisingly low. Keep in mind we are using a custom board partner version of the GTX 1080, Gigabyte's G1 Gaming but even so that's an impressive results for the 1080 Ti. That also means it's using less power than the Fury X despite delivering considerably more performance. Interestingly when compared to the Titan XP the 1080 Ti reduced total system consumption by 8% which is more than I expected to see.

Operating Temperatures

I wouldn't say the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Founder Edition graphics card is loud when gaming but you can certainly hear it over the case fans. The fan ran at 50% capacity which sees it spinning at 2400 RPM. The thing pumps out some serious heat as well, load temps quickly reached 80 degrees before maxing out at 84 degrees. At this temperature the card would hold an operating boost frequency of 1670 MHz.