Benchmarks: Ashes of the Singularity, Hitman

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation is super CPU intensive game and it's the only DX12 title I know of right now that can be tested using an Nvidia GPU without completely crippling Ryzen. That said it's still by far the best example we have of a well made DirectX 12 title.

Anyway, using the GTX 1080 Ti we find some mighty impressive results with the 1400. Before any overclocking happened, the 1400 had no trouble knocking off the Core i5-7400 and even the overclocked Core i3-7350K. It was 6% slower than the 1500X when matched at 4GHz, so that's the impact the larger L3 cache has in this title.

We find similar margins when switching to the RX 480, though with the GPU bottleneck creeping into the results we are seeing the performance shaped to around 70fps. This has done a few things. First, the cache difference between the 1400 and 1500X has been neutralized and now they can be seen delivering the same performance.

It has also allowed the 7350K to catch up and out-edge the 1400 by a slim margin. That said, once overclocked the 1400 pull ahead and is able to max out the RX 480.

Overall, we saw a strong showing for AMD's Ryzen 5 processors in Ashes of the Singularity.

Hitman is another CPU intensive game and here we see that the 1400 looks very competitive when comparing the average frame rate with the GTX 1080 Ti. It beat the Core i5-7400 out of the box and once overclocked it pulled well ahead to roughly match the overclocked Core i3-7350K.

Arranging the graph by the minimum results favors the higher-clocked 7350K though again the overclocked 1400 managed to top the Core i5-7400 with relative ease.

When playing with the RX 480 and both chips overclocked, the 1400 is able to slightly best the 7350K in each performance metric.