Benchmarks: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Total War Warhammer

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was tested using the high quality preset and like all the other games, we ran it at 1080p. Interestingly, the 1500X seems to max out the GTX 1080 Ti as overclocking this CPU provides no extra performance. That's odd because we know using the same settings and hardware the 1800X can reach 115fps, so I'm not sure what's limiting the 1500X here.

Anyway, out of the box the 1400 matches the average frame rate of the 7350K and that made it slightly slower than the Core i5-7400. That said, once overclocked the 1400 blows the Intel processors away.

If we arrange the graph by the minimum frame rate this really only changes the standings for the stock 1400 configuration, allowing it to leapfrog the Intel CPUs.

Now with the RX 480 installed, we see that almost all of the CPUs are able to max out the RX 480, in fact the G4560 is really the only exception.

However, arranging the graph by the minimum frame rate is a little more telling. Here the 1400 pulls ahead of the overclocked 7350K before any overclocking even takes place – an easy win for AMD.

Total War: Warhammer is where we're going to end this benchmark session.

First up, we again have the GTX 1080 Ti results and here the 1400 is able to best the 7350K out of the box while it only matches it once both CPUs are overclocked. The 1400 also requires some overclocking to overtake the Core i5-7400.

Using the RX 480 we see similar standings, though the margins are greatly reduced thanks to that good old GPU bottleneck. It's really only our beloved Pentium G4560 that falls away a bit in this test when looking at the minimums.