Dishonored, Watch Dogs, Resident Evil, For Honor

The Radeon RX 580 was around 13% slower than the GTX 1060 in Dishonored 2, in fact the RX 580 only just broke the 60fps barrier at 1080p while the GTX 1060 only dipped to 55fps, a clear win for the Nvidia GPUs here.

Watch Dogs 2 is the third triple A title released last November that we test with and it's certainly one of the most demanding on system resources. The RX 580 was 8% slower than the GTX 1060 here and once again the overclocked RX 580 was just 5% faster than the previous RX 480 model.

The RX 580 ensures that you will have the crap scared out of you at the highest possible frame rates of any mid-range graphics card. Here in Resident Evil 7 at 1080p the 580 was good for an average of 107fps, though that did make it just 4% faster than the 480.

More importantly the RX 580 was 15% faster than the GTX 1060 and this allowed for a smoother experience at 1440p.

The honorable thing to do here was to enable a fair fight and this is exactly what For Honor does. Performance is much the same across all four GPUs tested so not much else to say here. Visually the game was maxed out so it was nice to see over 60fps at all time when playing at 1080p.