Far Cry, The Division, Hitman, Quantum Break

There are more than twice as many people still playing 2014's Far Cry 4 than the recent Primal version, but we still used the more modern title for benchmarking. The GTX 1060 was 5% faster than the RX 580 while the 9Gbps version boosted performance by a further 3% -- a slight performance advantage for Nvidia here.

Tom Clancy's The Division was tested using DirectX 12 and Nvidia has made up some ground with this API. That said, the AMD GPUs were still able to snatch the lead and at 1080p the RX 580 was 8% faster than the enhanced GTX 1060. Moving to 1440p extended the lead and now the RX 580 was seen providing 11% more performance.

Hitman was also tested using DirectX 12 and things were very much neck and neck here. Nvidia has made great strides recently in this title as well and as a result even with DX12 enabled the GTX 1060 was able to match the RX 580 while managing to pull ahead of the RX 480.

AMD has made up quite a lot of ground in Quantum Break thanks to their own driver development. For testing we use the Steam revision of the game and AMD now looks to be providing stronger performance in the DX11 version. Even so, the RX 580 was still 4% slower than the GTX 1060, though all four GPUs pushed over 60fps when testing at 1080p.