Benchmarks: Gears of War 4, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The HIS R9 390 was good for an average of 77 fps at 1080p when playing Gears of War 4 making it a few frames faster than the Gainward GTX 970. Overclocked the 970 does pull a few frames ahead so the roles are reversed. Jumping to 1440p again plays in favor of the R9 390 and here we see both previous generation GPUs render 52 fps on average which is quite impressive given we are using the ultra quality settings.

The 390 did very well in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided matching the 4GB 480 out of the box while it matched the 8GB version once overclocked. This made it a good bit faster than the GTX 970, even with the Maxwell part overclocked. Of course Mankind Divided is an AMD sponsored title so the findings aren't totally surprising. Moving to 1440p we find much the same though none of the graphics cards tested were particularly impressive in terms of performance using the very high quality preset.